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Using-pool-chlorine-to-clean-concrete, although using pool chlorine to clean concrete is effective, we cannot ignore the other ways. we acknowledge pool chlorine does a better job. but it’s not the only way. you have cheaper options like bleach, muriatic acid and so on. even soap and water can sometimes come in handy.. Trying to get subscribers so i will immediately sub to all that sub to me. thank you. chlorine is sodium hypochlorite or hypochlorite acid is the same as household bleach but about 5% stronger. be ..., jae i wondered about the chlorine issue - the swimming pool example does not fit with my limited knowledge. i would have expected chlorine to produce hydrochloric acid that would dissolve concrete and corrode steel..

My driveway gets horrible black slime in the rainy season as our house has no guttering. i have a pressure hose but no patio-cleaning attachment (and can’t get one here) so cleaning the driveway ..., cleaning your concrete driveway regularly keeps dirt and debris from building up and staining the surface. a power washer or a simple homemade concrete driveway cleaner can help remove basic driveway messes. stronger chemicals help when you have stubborn concrete stains..

Grendel wrote: quoted text here when you have a new driveway it looks like new,, then after time the very microscopic holes on the concrete fill up with mold... it does not wash away with a hose as its in the tiny holes and stays there... a pressure washer will lift it out.. and nature will take its course and let it start growing again.... no mater what you use its gonna come back.. i had a ..., lately, do you feel they that your patio and driveway pavers don't look all that great? do they seem a little too dirty for your liking? if this is the case, don't fret. we have some effective methods for cleaning patio and driveway pavers for you..

As i’m new to the industry i’ve been reading and reading and reading and reading some more, i have only ever been able to find comments leading to bleach in lieu of chlorine. having said that i was at my local pressure w…, hey folks, i have some concrete in the back yards that has progressively become dirty and little spots of algae/mold (i think) have started to form. i tried usi