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Uk-vinyl-mastering, i’m getting more and more people asking me about the need to get a dedicated master made for vinyl releases – maybe because i’ve posted videos like the one above – for more details check this link: red hot chili peppers – ‘i’m with you” vinyl sounds better than cd but i’ve got news for […]. Mastering for vinyl requires a different approach than when mastering for digital formats such as cd. certain frequency ranges need to be kept at bay in order to have a good groove tracking and the phase of the signal needs to be kept in check as well., advice for mastering on vinyl. when sending physical masters to us like hard disks, usb sticks, dvds, cdr or analogue reels of tape(s), it’s crucial that everything is labelled correctly and clearly..

Uk vinyl mastering. mastering engineers beau thomas – vinyl and digital mastering. dmm (direct metal mastering) was co-developed by neumann and teldec, and in stead of engraving the groove into a soft metal lacquer-coated aluminum disc, a dmm lathe engraves the audio signal directly onto a hard metal copper-plated master disc. vinyl-cutting is also processed on site via the studio’s highly ..., vinyl records have seen a tremendous increase in popularity during recent years, and for good reason – there is so much to love about the format. the sheer size of a record, with its larger artwork, offers designers more opportunity for creativity and expression, and the whole ceremony of playing a record offers a more […].

How to master for vinyl, including key problems to watch out for, plus: why ian loves everything about vinyl (except for one thing); is vinyl better than cd; why most vinyl in the 80s was actually digital, not analogue (!); why hiss is your friend; what "hd vinyl” is, and why it might help fix that one thing ian doesn’t like links why custom mastering for vinyl isn’t necessary http ..., i've heard that when audio engineers used to master on reel-to-reel for analog playback, they would do it differently than modern audio engineers do digitally when mastering for digital playback, and that therefore if you're listening to something mastered in analogue, it's best to listen to it analog, and digital digital..

Well, this is my first time mastering to vinyl and i sure do wish i had some experience from vinyl cutting but i don't. do i started to read on the subject and came to the conclusion that the cutting to vinyl will take away some low frequencies and add alot of highs., vinyl records are magical, but releasing vinyl introduces a lot of unexpected complexities. here are a few tips from someone who learned the hard way..

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