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Temperature-vinyl-records, i live in finland, many times they will leave my vinyl records at my door and temperatures can be as cold as -20c (or in fahrenheit i think its -4f) in winter, can very low temperatures cause any permanent damage to a vinyl record, can it change the sound quality in any way. Vinyl lps should be kept clean and stored vertically using light, even pressure against the record and at room temperature (below 75 degrees f)., 15 posts related to vinyl records storage temperature. vinyl records storage cabinets. vinyl records storage boxes. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ on the other hand, i hope that reviews about it at what temperature do vinyl records melt will always be useful. and hope now i'm a section of allowing you to get a far better product. you will receive a review and knowledge form here. i'm hoping you will ensure and get among at what temperature do vinyl records melt right after read this best reviews pdf, bass temperature [vinyl] ships in certified frustration-free packaging.

Storing your vinyl collection... or extended life and playability, the correct storage of your vinyl recordings is of paramount importance. some of the issues to consider for the proper storage of discs are temperature and humidity, dirt and dust, improper stacking, excessive pressure and weight., how hot of an environment can vinyl stay in? discussion in 'music corner' started by timb, feb 10, 2016. page 1 of 3 1 2 3 next > timb a proud pop schlock fan thread starter. location: galion, ohio usa. just curious, we are going to be renting a storage shed and it is not a climate controlled one. not wanting to risk any damage, i was wondering where the max temperature vinyl be in with out ....

This is a bit of an odd question, i know. i am on standby to be evacuated from my house due to a wild fire in northern california. i have a handful of records sitting in the back of my car (along with other things that i know can withstand the heat) and it is estimated that the temperature is going to be around 112°f today., what temp does vinyl start to warp? dj dac 4:52 pm - 29 april, 2011 hey guys, i have an outdoor gig in two weeks, its in the shade but its suppose to be in the upper 90s possibly 100's..

At what temperature do lps warp? and other thoughts on heat and lps and other thoughts on heat and lps discussion in ' music corner ' started by mpayan , may 21, 2011 .